Rock N Roll Librarian Reads With A Little Help From My Friends

As a companion piece to Rock N Roll Archaeology EP14: I'd Love to Turn You On, Shelley and Christian discuss this book on the making of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper by George Martin & William Pearson

Martin, writing with freelancer Pearson, describes in detail the creative processes-both artistic and technical-that went into making one of the most acclaimed Beatles albums, the 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, `a musical fragmentation grenade, exploding with a force that is still being felt.'

Tracing each song on the record from its genesis in the mind of one of the Fab Four, Martin explains how each fragment or idea evolved, with input from the entire band and from the engineering team, into a final track, and how the album broke new ground. Fans hoping for an inside scoop on some of the more sensational aspects of the bandmembers' lives will be disappointed, but admirers of the Beatles' music and those who take an interest in the technical aspects of record production will find this book engrossing.Published by Little Brown in 1994.

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