Episode 8: Meet The Beatles Part 2

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We open on December 27th, 1961, at the Cavern Club on Mathews Street in Liverpool, just a mile inland from the confluence of the River Mersey and the Bay of Liverpool. Across the Irish Sea, over the Atlantic Ocean, a continent beckons.

Pete Best calls in sick, and the boys bring in Richard Starkey—Ringo Starr to the world—to sit in on drums, his first paid gig with the Beatles. It clicks musically; the band really swings with Ringo on drums. Right away, George Harrison starts “conspiring” to bring Ringo into the group. Ringo sits in again a few months later, and that seals the deal. It won’t be long.

By midsummer, the Beatles are a signed group, and Ringo has moved in behind the drum kit. That fall will see the release of their first single.

Along the way, we will meet two men: Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager, and George Martin, their producer. We get to know these two a little bit, and discuss their role in igniting Beatlemania, first in England in 1963, and then in America a year later.

We will examine George Martin’s enormous contribution to the Beatles’ recordings, by taking a look at five early hits.

And finally we return back to where we started in Episode Seven: February 7th, 1964 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City, as the Beatles arrive in America. Something even bigger arrives alongside them.

We close out with a meditation, a think-piece on arrival, and bring this two-part episode to a conclusion—and to a beginning.


The Beatles: “In My Life” from Rubber Soul, 1965 Parlophone Records

Paul McCartney: “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey,” from Ram, 1971 Apple Records

Chuck Berry: “Back in the USA,” single released 1959, Chess Records

Ray Charles: “What’d I Say,” single released 1959, Atlantic Records

The Beatles: “Boys,” from Please Please Me, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “Please Mr. Postman,” from With the Beatles, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “One After 909” from Anthology, Vol. 1, 1995 Apple Records

The Beatles: “It Won’t Be Long,” from With the Beatles, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “Twist and Shout,” from Please Please Me, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “Love Me Do,” single released 1962, Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “Please Please Me,” single released 1962, Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “I Saw Her Standing There,” from Please Please Me, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “She Loves You,” from With the Beatles, 1963 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” US single released 1963, Capitol Records

The Beatles: “Rock And Roll Music” from Beatles for Sale, 1964 Parlophone Records

The Beatles: “All My Loving,” from With the Beatles, 1963 Parlophone Records

John Lennon: “#9 Dream,” from Walls and Bridges, 1974 Apple Records


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Note: the sources are much the same as Episode Seven. The one notable addition is Phillip Norman’s biography of John Lennon.


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Bob Spitz performed by Bob Ferguson

Mark Lewisohn performed by Matt Bragg