A Long Strange Podcast: Act III

The RNRAP is proud to present a mini-series of shows 'Deadicated' to discussing Amazon Studios 'Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story of the Grateful Dead' documentary.

Over the next six weeks we will be recapping each Act with guest host Tim Lynch of KPFA's 'Dead to the World' radio program. Tim will be joined by Christian & Peter as well as very special guests that are part of the film, Dead scholars, academics or had another important role in the 50+ year story.

The other weekly guest on roundtable will be...'The UnDeaducated'. This guest will know little to nothing of the band and be exposed to them mostly the first time through this film.

Be sure to head over to Amazon to watch up to Act III of the documentary before joining us! The film is directed by Amir Bar-Lev and executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

This week's special Deadicated guest is Susana Millman, who was a ubiquitous presence at Grateful Dead shows from 1985 until Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995. Susana’s work can be seen in Long Strange Trip. Head to her website. Mamarazi.com to get a copy of “Alive With the Dead or A Fly on the Wall with a Camera” - a very nice hardcover photographic memoir of the Grateful Dead filled with band images, unpublished pics + stories, from the ’80s on. 

This week's UnDeaducated is Prof. Ron Purser. Ron is the host of The Mindful Cranks podcast, a professor of mgmt at SFSU, author, editorial board member of the Mindfulness journal, as well as the executive board of the Consciousness, Mindfulness and Compassion International Association. A student and Buddhist practitioner since 1981. 

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