History in Five Songs 02: American Heavy Metal


This is the show that aims to make grand and often oddball hard rock and heavy metal points through a narrative built upon the tiny idea of a quintet of songs. Buttressed with illustrative clips, Martin argues quickly and succinctly why these songs—and the specific sections of these tracks—support his mad professor premise, from the wobbly invention of an “American” heavy metal, to the influence of Led Zeppelin in hair metal or to more succinct topics like tapping and twin leads.

The songs serve as bricks, but Martin slathers plenty of mortar. At the end, hopefully he has sturdy house in which this week’s theory can reside unbothered by the elements.

In this episode Martin tells the history of American Heavy Metal in these Five Songs:

Doctor Please - Blue Cheer
Born to Be Wild - Steppenwwolf
Mississippi Queen - Mountain
Cities on Flame - Blue Oyster Cult
Rock the Nation - Montrose

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