Deeper Digs in Rock: Toby Scott on Engineering for The Boss


The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs deep with Engineer, mixer and producer, Toby Scott. Mostly notably as Bruce Springsteen’s main man on the mix board for almost 40 years, Toby worked hand in hand on over 15 albums by the Boss. Lots’ of amazing stories and a few helpful hints on what it takes to be a class A engineer for a legend. Kind makes him a legend too, eh?!

Toby Scott is a music recording engineer, mixer and record producer. Scott has worked extensively with Bruce Springsteen, recording and mixing albums for the singer since 1980. Scott has also worked with other prominent artists such as Bob Dylan, Bette Midler, Tommy Tutone, Blue Öyster Cult, and The Replacements. He has recorded and mixed projects for commercials, movies, and television as primary engineer receiving nominations and awards from Grammy, Emmy and Oscar organizations.