Deeper Digs in Rock: Chris D. of The Flesh Eaters


The Rock N Roll Archaeologist digs into the Death Rocker/L.A. Punk supergroup, the Flesh Eaters, with lead vocalist and head visionary, Chris D.!

Coming out of the original late 1970’s L.A. punk scene, centered around the legendary club The Masque, Chris D, a cerebral poet, journalist and singer, turned in his own brand of Western America influenced punk. Less New York and London and more it’s own thing encompassing a wide variety of styles, with jazz elements, Chris focused on unique instrumentation and howling vocals to get the job done.

In 1981, with the album “A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die”, the band reached supergroup status by including John Doe & D.J. Bonebrake from X, Dave Alvin and Bill Bateman from the Blasters and Steve Berlin before he joined Los Lobos. It was the only album to feature all of these now well known musicians.

Well Chris and the boys are back and in a big way and including Chris’s ex-wife/bandmate, extraordinary vocalist Julie Christensen (see her credits). They have just released a new album of material that not only reaches the heights of “A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die”, but may even surpass it with it’s David Lynch film aesthetic and spooky themes that make it chic and romantic to worship the dead.

The album is “I Used to Be Pretty” and is out now on Yep Roc Records. And lucky you, they are on tour at various times in 2019. Christian was in attendance on their San Francisco stop and if you love something ultra cool and deliciously decadent, it’s a must see show!