Deeper Digs in Rock: Ahmet Zappa


The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with Ahmet Zappa & Joe Travers of the Zappa Family Trust to discuss all things FZ!  Ahmet is the executor and public head of the organization and Joe is the “Vaultmeister” for the family.

This is a fun and rousing conversation that digs from Franks Zappa’s early life; moving from East Coast city life to eventually a Western desert town. There is the epiphany moment that begins his unusual path in music when he bargains for an obscure avant-garde composers’ album. He matures to first score films, building his revolving member group ‘The Mothers of Invention’ as rock n roll is experimenting and infusing it’s simple concept with all forms of music. He goes on to produce over 60 albums until his untimely death at only 53 years old in 1993.

We also talk about what’s up today and the future.  

The Zappa Family Trust is recently repaired and all four children are engaged in keeping the family legacy alive and well.  Reissues and boxed sets are being produced in the highest quality available. And hold your butts because next year Frank will go on tour in the “Bizarre World of Frank Zappa”, an absolutely insane hologram experience.