Deeper Digs in Rock: Art of Rock with Kosh


Christian Swain welcomes newest host to the Rock N Roll Archaeology Network of Podcasts, the indomitable Kosh with a sit down discussion introducing him to the Diggers.

Who is Kosh? What is Kosh? Why is Kosh?

He is a world famous art director whose adventures in the annals of rock n roll are rather legendary, having designed close to 2000 album covers beginning with the Beatles’ Abbey Road cover. He’s been working on the visual arts side of the music business for 50 years. We can guarantee you have seen his work. His new show is called ‘Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends’. It will dissect the inspiration, the process, the good times and the bad, but mostly the fun and the work with numerous guests in coming episodes of ‘Art of Rock’.

Listen and prepare! Let’s get to know Kosh and his upcoming podcast ‘Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends’.