Deeper Digs in Rock with Unofficial Rush Historian

Are there still RUSH fans out there?

Rock N Roll Archaeologist Christian Swain sits down with unofficial (seriously? Unofficial?) Rush historian, Ray Wawrzyniak where they discuss the band, music in general and what it’s like being an ultimate super-fan.

When Rush's 2016 documentary “Time Stand Still” was released, many fans were introduced to super-fan Ray Wawrzyniak for the first time. A product of Buffalo, NY he has turned his basement into a Rush-cave museum with enough memorabilia that, in his own words, “is enough nonsense to make the band clearly just cringe”. Starting with his hand written 91 page list of the entire collection (began in 1995), it just goes on forever from there. Who knows where all this devotion goes? Put in the ears buds and let’s find out!

Ray’s interview from “Time Stands Still”.

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