Deeper Digs in Rock: Dave Davies of The Kinks


What can you add about a living legend?

Tune in to find out as Dave Davies of The Kinks speaks to the Rock N Roll Archaeologist about his new album, ‘Decade’ out October 12th, 2018, the family affair with some of his children’s musical endeavors and of course possible comings and goings with brother Ray as we scratch up something news worthy. A Kinks reunion?

Dave is the lead guitarist of the The Kinks. One of the most influential groups to come out of the original British invasion of the 1960’s. The outlier and maybe the coolest of the big four, Beatles, Stones, Who and without doubt now The Kinks. He alone created the sound of distortion that filled the fantasies of young guitarists the world over. One of those singular moments in history that never gets tiring in the retelling. He also takes up the lead vocal once in awhile in the band and has had several solo albums through the years, his latest a reworking of material originally recorded in the 1970’s.

A lot to pack in an hour!

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