Deeper Digs in Rock: Growin' Up Rock


The Rock N Roll Archaeologist sits down with a couple of fellow podcasters, Steven Michael and Sonny “Hollywood” Pooni of ‘Growin’ Up Rock’ fame!

These two rockers joined forces to talk all things hard rock and metal. They are true fans and live for the music. Like all of us at the RNRA, it is in the blood stream, born in an age when music was the currency that drove the culture. But they aren’t just discussing the past, they are very much into the present. In fact, their fourth show featured Sam Kizka from current young rock gods Greta Van Fleet!

Not all the shows are interviews. Sometimes Steven and Michael dive deep in a singular subject, like replacement players or best cover songs or a road trip is dissected like Summer NAMM or one of their latest at this year’s Rockin’ Pod 2018! And yes, you can even find the Rock N Roll Archaeologist, Christian Swain (Who they first dubbed the “Indiana Jones of rock n roll”). Regardless these two always have a good time and bring an interesting take or two.
Let us introduce to you the gentlemen of Growin’ Up Rock and then go take a listen to their show. Be sure to let us know what you think!