Deeper Digs in Rock: Bob Lefsetz


The Rock N Roll Archaeologist has a conversation with thought leader and music-industry observer Bob Lefsetz.

Lefsetz is the author and publisher of the Lefsetz Letter. Some of you may be asking, the what letter? But those in the know are either nodding with approval or ready to pull the fire alarm!

The Lefsetz Letter is the original music-industry blog. It was a blog before there even were blogs--it goes back to 1986. First it was a mailed-out subscription newsletter that went mostly to music biz types, then in the Nineties it becamce an email bulletin with about ten thousand subscribers. In 2005 the Lefsetz Letter went fully digital as as a weblog.

Bob and his dear friend, record exec, talent scout extraordinaire and philanthropist Jason Flom are out on a “no holds barred” tour. Check local listings or the show notes to see when they are coming to your town.

You can subscribe to and read the Lefsetz Letter here: