Deeper Digs in Rock: Keith Moon - The Real Me

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'Keith Moon: The Real Me' explodes on the stage with the turmoil and excitement of the wildest drummer in rock and roll. A living legend during his lifetime, Keith Moon still stands as the pinnacle of rock-star extremism—both in life and music. The play explores the mind of Keith Moon, as he attempts to save himself from the unbearable burden of living up (or down) to his self-created legend of ‘Moon the Loon'. As Keith attempts to save himself, he takes the audience on a journey through his early struggles, his joining The Who, and their rise as one of the world’s greatest rock bands. By the show’s end, the audience intimately knows the man behind the myth—his acute vulnerability and insecurity, and his struggle to escape the ever-looming rock and roll crash landing.

Writer, actor, musician Mick Berry has been working on this project since an earlier version of the production in 2013. Believing there was yet more of Moon’s life that demanded deeper, and more personal, volatile and intimate exploration, Berry’s newest incarnation, in collaboration with director Carlin, offers audiences an immediate experience into the mind of Keith Moon as he struggles with his demons, shares his ideas on creativity and genius, while desperately trying to pull himself out of his self-induced downfall. The results are comic, shocking, terrifying, and universal.

See 'Keith Moon: The Real Me" at the Marin Theatre Company through Sept 10, 2017.

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