Deeper Digs in Rock: 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow by The Beach Boys

Christian speaks with producers Mark Linett and Alan Boyd about their new, first-ever stereo mix of The Beach Boys’ 1967 Wild Honey album and the debut of 54 sought-after 1967 rarities, 50 years after they were put to tape.

The Beach Boys have personally overseen the creative process for a new 2CD and digital collection, '1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow', to be released on June 30 by Capitol/UMe. 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow features previously unreleased highlights including The Beach Boys’ shelved “live” album, Lei’d in Hawaii, studio recordings from the Wild Honey and Smiley Smile album sessions, and several standout concert recordings spanning 1967 to 1970. 

'1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow' dives into a fascinating and frenetic chapter in The Beach Boys’ long, groundbreaking creative arc, exploring the band’s dynamic year in the studio and on tour. The Beach Boys’ final studio session for the shelved SMiLE album took place on May 18th, 1967, with Smiley Smile album sessions booked at Brian Wilson’s new home studio from June 3rd through the end of July. The band’s 12th and 13th studio albums were released exactly three months apart to cap the year’s studio efforts: Smiley Smile on September 18th followed by Wild Honey on December 18th.

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