Deeper Digs in Rock: Long Strange Trip with Amir Bar-Lev


A young rock n roll fan inspired by the liquid lights shows at concerts goes on to become an incredible Director and Producer, creating award-winning documentaries including 'The Fighter', 'The Tillman Story' and 'My Kid Could Paint That'.

Christian sits down with Amir Bar-Lev discussing his four-hour film, 'Long Strange Trip' which will hit select theaters this Thurs. May 25th and begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting June 2nd. Amir describes how 'this documentary is a funny sort of middle ground between art and journalism.'


This is the first comprehensive documentary to attempt to tell the story of the Grateful Dead. Executive-produced by Martin Scorsese - the film is for die-hard Deadheads, the casual Dead concert goer, those who just listened on the radio, those who know little to nothing about the band, and those who are averse to the entire sub-culture that surrounds the Grateful Dead.

After watching 'Long Strange Trip' there are a couple questions that must be asked - is this the greatest documentary ever created about a rock band and is that band the most important American rock band ever, The Grateful Dead?

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