Deeper Digs in Rock: Wavy Gravy

Stories from Saint Misbehavin' Himself

Actor, poet, prankster, jester, clown, hippie, activist, teacher, saint, and ice cream flavor?

The one and only, American original Wavy Gravy invites us into his inner-sanctum in Berkeley, CA where he spins amazing tales that span across cultural touchstones.

Listen to old stories told slightly anew, as well as new stories you have never heard!

Join us and Wavy Gravy for this very special episode of Deeper Digs in Rock...and please consider supporting all of Wavy's amazing work in service to others by donating to the SEVA Foundation here.

Below are some pictures of Wavy's one of a kind collage artwork- some in-progress, you can contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing.