Deeper Digs in Rock: Jeff Slate Pt. 2

It was our privilege to speak (at some length!) with Jeff Slate: Friend of the Project, Rock N Roller from Way Back, and Music and Culture Writer for Esquire Magazine. 

It was a great time, and a fun, wide-ranging much so, this ended being a two-part episode of DDiR!

In Part Two, we talk about Jeff's transition from guitar-slinger to rock writer, why Monty Python rocks, and we spend some time on Jeff's three CD releases: “Birds of Paradox,”  “Imposters and Attractions” and: “Secret Poetry.” 

We’ll hang out with Jimmy Page, make a video with Earl Slick—and more. 

Hit play for some more great conversation with Jeff Slate: rocker, writer, and raconteur. 

And Keep Up The Rockin'!

Tweet at Jeff on Twitter @jeffslate and find his music, writings and more at