Deeper Digs in Rock: Jeff Slate Pt. 1

It was our privilege to speak (at some length!) with Jeff Slate: Friend of the Project, Rock N Roller from Way Back, and Music and Culture Writer for Esquire Magazine. 

It was a great time, and a fun, wide-ranging much so, this one will be a two-part episode of DDiR! 

In Part One, Jeff tells us about growing up in the shadow of NYC, and the call of the city to a precocious and adventurous kid. As a young adult, Jeff starts building a music career, crossing paths with the likes of Gene Simmons and Pete Townshend. 

Like many young artists, Jeff struggles to keep the lights on, so he puts pen to paper and starts to write what he knows: Rock N Roll. He works his way up, getting pieces published in Guitarist Magazine, Rock Cellar, Rolling Stone, and finally his current gig at Esquire. 

How does one go from wielding an axe onstage to writing that first draft of Rock N Roll History? Hit play, and find out!

Jeff is on Twitter @jeffslate and find his music, writings and more at