Deeper Digs in Rock: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major


Christian is in NYC to sit down and chat with renowned record collector and frontman of Endless Boogie, Paul Major.

Paul is the focus of 'FEEL THE MUSIC: The Psychedelic Worlds of Paul Major' a new book chronicling his decades spent unearthing the rarest and strangest from the realms of lost heavy psych masterpieces, unheard private press loner folk jams, demented lounge artifacts and every other conceivable and inconceivable genre in between. It is a companion piece to the 'Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol. 1' album here.

Paul Major has lived resolutely at the edge of outsider music culture for nearly a half-century. As an early private press and “real people” record collector turned eminent, underground rock ‘n’ roller, his influence is felt if not heard all around us—until now. Feel the Music traces Paul’s trajectory from his formative days in the Midwest, his years in the late ’70s New York punk scene, and into his curious career as a connoisseur and campaigner of the weirdest records of all time.

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