Rock N Roll Archaeology

Digging into Music, Culture & Technology

Why Archaeology? Because we intend to dig. This is an excavation and exploration of Rock N Roll. We start by asking: how does Rock N Roll affect the larger society, and how does the larger society affect Rock N Roll? We set a frame for our discussion: the years 1945 to 1995.

Philosophy in a Pill

In this new series from The Rock n Roll Archaeology Project, host Christian Swain goes behind the scenes, on the road and further explores subjects surrounding the culture, technology and music that make Rock n Roll the magic that it is!

This show features Christian chatting with Jay Stevens - a journalist, social historian, and novelist. Jay has written numerous magazine and newspaper pieces and co-wrote "Drumming at the Edge of Magic" and "Planet Drum" with the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart, published by Harper's San Francisco.

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