Art of Rock with Kosh & Friends EP. 06: Lenise Bent


Episode 6 is a deep dig with the pioneering engineer and producer Lenise Bent.

Lenise comes form a family in love with music. She was one of very few women in the technical field of audio engineering in the 1970's. First hired at L.A.'s Village Recorders, along with three other women, by Spam scion, George A. Hormell II, who thought women would make superior engineers, Lenise is the sole survivor from that initial hire. She has had a long career in both music and film.

Her first record she ever worked on was the seminal Steely Dan album 'Aja' and things just snowballed from there. Throughout the late 70's and 80's she worked on albums by Fleetwood Ma, Supertramp, Blondie and many more.

In the 90's her career took a different turn as she went into film post production for Disney's' and Dreamwork's sound departments.

Now she does it all, music and movies! Engineering and producing! She also is very involved in helping other women make an impact in the business by supporting the Women in Music and SoundGirls organizations. She also has been an active board member and educator at the Society of Audio Engineers and is very passionate about audio restoration and preservation.

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